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EcoSandoval LakeA walk into the Deep Jungle

DAY 1Welcome / Reception

Upon your arrival in Puerto Maldonado, Peru´s Capital City of Biodiversity, we will welcome you at the airport. Then, we´ll start our program with a visit around the city, on a bus.

Afterwards, we will go to Puerto Capitanía, to board a motorized riverboat, and we´ll navigate on the Madre de Dios River. During the journey, we will submerge into a fascinating natural environment, if we are lucky we will witness Ronsocos, Caimans, Turtles, Herons, Cormorants and other animal species in their natural environment.

Arriving at the Ecoamazonia Lodge, we will enjoy an exquisite welcome drink, we´ll get settled in our bungalows and will have lunch together.


Once satisfied, you will be conducted by our specialized tour guide through an interpretive trail conveniently signposted to the Caimán Cocha, a small lake with an abundant presence of specimens of Black Caiman (Melanosuchus Niger) and Caiman (Caiman Crocodilus).

At the end of the evening, you will witness the spectacular sunset in the Amazon, an experience full of intensities overwhelming color ranges.

Upon returning to the Lodge, a delicious dinner will await you, and enjoy free time to share unforgettable moments at the bar, equipped with an excellent game room and all the drinks you can imagine.


The morning begins with the sound of beautiful birdsongs from the Amazon Paradise. A hearty breakfast will provide the energy for a morning full of new experiences.


Collpa de Loros

After breakfast very early, we will start a boat trip upriver for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. After this time we will arrive at the entrance of the Sandoval Lake, where a walk of an hour and a half will begin through an exuberant vegetation of the tropical forest, following the conveniently preserved and signposted path.

Along the way, we will witness the most varied range of flora and fauna species in the wild. You will be able to observe immense trees. Once we reach the Cando of the Sandoval Lake, a rowing boat will be taken to enter the majestic Lake to make a dream walk. Once there you can see various species in their natural state. You can see birds such as parrots, parrots, toucans, some reptiles such as alligators, various turtles and if luck accompanies us we can observe the majestic Otter of Rio (Pteronura brasiliensis) in its natural habitat.

After navigating the Lake, we will begin our return to the pier, arrival at the Madre de Dios River and travel back by canoe towards the Lodge where a great lunch awaits.


In the afternoon, accompanied by our specialized guide, we will visit Monkey Island, a unique place in the heart of Madre de Dios River, five minutes away from the Lodge. During the hike, we will observe extraordinary landscapes, with an exuberant flora, sheltering a variety of monkey species, in their natural habitat, such as Maquisapas, Capuchins, Small Lion Monkeys, Frailes, Cotos and other animal species like the Coati and Sloths and a great variety of birds.

Finally, we´ll complete our visit of the island, enjoying the sunset, with the most impressive dusk in the jungle. Back to the lodge we conclude the day with a pleasant dinner.

DAY 3Departure

After a restful night's sleep, the morning begins with the sound of beautiful birdsongs from the Amazon Paradise. In our dining room awaits a farewell breakfast before embarking the return to Puerto Maldonado.



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