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Ornithology, birdwatching, it is a special fascination of observers and a great amount of people who without being it set out to see with their own eyes different species of birds that live in this area.

Ecoamazonia lodge, an ecological and natural reservation, it offers us an appropriate place for those who please of observation, the reservation lodges a great variety of bird species that is considered a glad, intensive and elegant attractive because of their forms and colours.

We’d like to invite you to increase your bird’s list, make new discoveries about the bird’s behaviour and their ecology, and finally you can enjoy looking at the birds.

There are lots of exclusive and strategic places, from where you can investigate or observe birds, the most important places are: The Monkey Island, Las Plataformas de la Cocha Perdida, Apu Victor and other places as beaches and Aguajales.

The watcher will take the most necessary provisions, and the time availability , in order to reach the goal, "BIRDWATCHING".

According to the study conducted by the "Tambopata Project" - tourism development and its impact on neotropical fauna Tambopata in southeastern Peru, recommended for Tourism and Conservation. Project led by Tambopata Reserve Society - Research and Monitoring Studies (TReeS-RAMOS), an investigation that lasted 23 months (January 1997 - November 1998), and published in March 2000.

Of all the included locations of study in "Tambopata Project" Ecoamazonia Lodge included 378 different species, also being Ecoamazonia Lodge with the most species of birds recorded.




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